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Blower Heads

Paxton is committed to customers, and supports replacement blower heads for 10 years after the blower series has become obsolete, superseded by a new generation of blowers. All replacement blower heads are fully tested and must pass strict quality tests for balancing and vibration, ensuring the highest reliability. Each blower head ships with a documented performance test.

Click Here to watch our Blower Head Maintenace Video. 

AT-700 and XT-series Blower Head

Blower Model: AT-700
Blower Model: XT-300
Blower Model: XT-500
Description: Blower Head
Weight (lbs): 26

AT-800 Blower Head

Blower Model: AT-800
Description: Blower Head
Weight (lbs): 30

AT-1200 Blower Head

Blower Model: AT-1200
Description: Blower Head
Weight (lbs): 30

PX-series Blower Head

Blower Model: PX-1000
Blower Model: PX-1500
Blower Model: PX-1550
Blower Model: PX-2000
Description: Blower Head
Weight (lbs): 22

PX-2 Blower Head

Blower Model: PX-300
Blower Model: PX-500
Blower Model: PX-750
Description: Blower Head
Weight (lbs): 22