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Filters - Silencers

Not all industrial air filters are alike. When it comes to protecting and maintaining the high performance of your Paxton blower, nothing compares to efficiency and durability of a Paxton filter. Made to our exacting specifications, Paxton inlet filter elements feature durable industrial strength two stage filtration that significantly extends service life, traps more particulates and stands up in harsh environments. In fact, Paxton’s high-performance filters can last significantly longer than traditional filters. You’ll save time and money through fewer filter changes. 

Paxton’s filter silencer reduces noise levels by 3 dBA, reduces vibration to improve blower performance our silencer design reduces pressure drop while preserving integrity of the media.  

Click Here to watch our Filter Maintenace Video. 

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  • Blower Model: AT-1200
  • Description: Filter + Housing
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 500 CFM